We believe that everything we do whilst working on your project must be done with your best interests at the heart of it. We know that building a home for someone involves individuals and often families. It is one of the most important chapters in your life and one that we give all our respect and attention to. 

Reputation, innovation and quality are pivotal to what we do and creating a very special total experience for our clients is deeply important to us. It is what makes us a different kind of property partner for you and we believe a better one as a result.

Each John David Homes property is built in accordance with strict Premier Guarantee guidelines to give you the peace of mind of a 10-year building guarantee.

We know that after sales care of any kind is a rarity in housing construction and that’s why we believe we are different. We know that good news travels quickly and we want our clients to return to us to buy their future homes. We don’t just want clients to be satisfied- we want them to become advocates who recommend John David Homes to their friends and family. Positive referral is the leading new business generator for our business. 99% of our business comes from the question ‘Do you know a great builder?’ Or from contacts who have seen our projects and who ask “This is great, who did you use?”


We love our projects and get a genuine thrill through the architectural design stages of what we build. It appeals to the creative side of us! It is also true that we love the construction phase as that appeals to our practical nature and is a chance to see something wonderful created on bare earth. 

Unusually, we also love the interiors of our developments and work closely with specialists to differentiate the properties we build. We know you will all have personal tastes and will want to create your ideal living environment so we do what we think you need us to do to create the right canvas for you to paint upon. This means we pay attention to the things that tell you that you have bought a home of particular quality and style.

All homes are created different even if they are developed on the same location. This is important. You are unique and so should your home be too.

We invest time, energy and money in ensuring that your home is equipped with high quality, market leading kitchen furniture and equipment, bathroom sanitary ware, lighting schemes and flooring finishes.  We know this is only the first step in making this the home of your dreams but it is one we are determined to always get right!


More often than not, very little time is dedicated to the immediate landscape around a newly built home. At John David Homes we appreciate the impact and difference that skilful landscaping and intelligent planting makes to the environment in which you are going to live. We invest time and money in making this final touch an impressive one.

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