John David Homes is a specialist in locating desirable locations and designing and building unique, high quality contemporary homes to excite our clients and exceed their expectations. We believe we are better and different.

Better because we care as much about the quality of our design and build as our clients. We think about how our clients want to use and enjoy their living space. We build our properties based on the input and ideas of the most important people we know- our clients.

Different because of this unique approach. We genuinely note all the great ideas our clients and prospective customers have and take account of the way modern families want to live and the environment they want to live in.

Our homes feature cost saving technologies that enhance your living environment and take account of your health and comfort.  We strive to maximise efficiency, achieve sustainability and reduce your cost of maintenance. These are all things that make us better, different and an ideal partner to help you own your ideal next home.

Our company philosophy and ethos is epitomised by the beliefs and background of our founders.

David Hodgkins has been at the forefront of contemporary homes construction over the past decade, with high profile projects featured by the highly respected TV programme “Grand Designs”, as well as numerous private commissions on behalf of clients. He passionately believes in combining the benefits of the latest in building technology with quality artisan finishes to create modern homes that are life enhancing. He is the conscience of the company onsite. He refuses to tolerate imperfection and ensures that nobody involved in a JohnDavidHomes project does either. Clients love what he does because he delivers fantastic results. The rest of us know he is a harsh taskmaster if you fall short of his high standards but we would not have it any other way!

John Fissenden has been building high quality, aspirational houses across the County since the turn of the Millenium, and is convinced that the relationship between the developer and the client is paramount. He is the pragmatist in the company and has an unbelievable amount of experience and patience to help guide you through the whole process to build completion. He provides a strong sense of peace of mind and loves to share in the excitement of seeing your ideal bespoke home being built for you.

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